The logistics and transportation activities are moving towards the centre stage world around and becoming the most critical business function in today's world of immense competition. Today, quickest and efficient supply chain management is the key success factor for many business sectors.

Surface transport still rules as the most widely used mode of logistics in our country. It's high time; the transportation companies switch to futuristic technology solutions to manage the ever growing industry requirements and never ending customer demands. The solutions that move beyond just logics, towards being efficient, cost effective and quick.

Problem Statement

Develop a solution for the logistic & transportation industry which will make the logistics and transportation system efficient, cost effective and automotive.
The Solution will have two parts:-

The Android Application will be installed in a GPS based Android Smart Phone and the Android Smart Phone will be installed in a vehicle which is used in the logistic & transportation industry.

Now, the Android Application will acquire different logistic data from the GPS of the Android Smart Phone and it will send all the acquired data to a Web Application for processing. The Web Application will also use Geographic Information System (GIS).



Android Application

Web Application