1. How does one reach the venue?

NIT Rourkela is situated in Sector 2 of Rourkela, Odisha. Rourkela is accessible by rail and road. By train, one may arrive at the Rourkela Station. If you are arriving by bus, get off at the Sector 2 bus stop. You can download the OLA app and use coupon code “NES100” to reach NIT Rourkela in OLA cab and get a discunt of Rs 100 on the ride from both the destinations. Of course auto-rickshaw is also available. The prices are about Rs 120 from railway station and Rs 80 from Sector 2.

2. Will there be any accommodation facility?

There will be provision of shared accommodation in the Halls of Residence of NIT Rourkela provided you have registered for NES’16. Once you have reached the campus you will be accompanied by the volunteers to your respective halls.

3. How does one register?

You can register by clicking here .

4. Will there be any registration fee?

Registration will be done at registration desk. There will be registration fee of Rs. 400 (inclusive of accommodation & registration kit) which should be paid at the time of registration. There will be rebate in registration fee if a group of more than 10 participants visit from same Institute/Organisation. The group leader has to submit the details of group members to nitrkl.ecell@gmail.com before 17th March mid-night to avail the rebate.

5. Is pre-registration necessary for all events?

Students don’t have to register themselves for all events. But it is mandatory to register in B-Plan Competition, Innovators’ Camp and Online events.

6. What are the hospitality facilities?

As mentioned above accommodation will be provided. Bedding (mattress and pillow), access to drinking water facilities, bath rooms, and other primary concerns have been taken care of. You can have food at the hostel messes (with payment), at the restaurants within our campus, or at any other food centres.

7. What are the facilities available at the campus?

The campus has 4 restaurants, 2 situated near the hostel areas and 2 within the institute area. Amul has a store that provides snacks too. Near the hostel area you can find a stationary shop that will provide all the stationary related materials. Within the institute area you can find a student shop and a book store. The hostels have day and night canteens as well. The campus has four SBI ATMs, one ICICI ATM and one AXIS bank ATM within the institute.

8. I still have some unanswered questions. To whom should I contact?

You can contact our coordinators Nimish: 9438258446 and Dipali: 9937478576 for further queries.