The Innovators' Camp is an initiative by Entrepreneurship Cell, NIT Rourkela during National Entrepreneurship Summit 2016. It will be a 2 days long event i.e. 19th and 20th March 2016. The camp aims to provide a platform to young and budding innovators, entrepreneurs to exhibit their ideas and products. It will target students, faculties and people from various domains of science and technology.

What’s going to happen?

The participants will be presenting their innovative products in the exhibition. During the exhibition:

  • - The participants will get the chance to interact with delegates and judges from various organizations like NASSCOM, Calcutta Angels, Innokul, NSIC, EDI, USF and TiE. This will give them an opportunity to be mentored and supported.

  • - The participants will get the chance to interact with the best faculties of NIT Rourkela and get the right mentoring.

  • - Any project/product shall be under one of the six categories. The most innovative product from each category shall receive a cash prize of INR 5000.

  • - The categories are shown below:

    • - ITES and software products

    • - Mechanical/Mechatronics

    • - Electrical/Electronic

    • - Civil/Architecture/Design

    • - Material Science and Chemical

    • - Biotech/Medical/Biomedical

    Things to take care of:

    • - The camp will be open to people from different parts of the country, work, and academia and not restricted to students only.

    • - The idea/project should be innovative, creative and should be able to solve any prevalent problem.

    • - The team should have a maximum of 3 members.

    • - The team should have the preliminary prototype in display.

    • - The team should have a presentation (optional) and a poster (compulsory) to be shown to the judges.

    • - The team should bring their own accessories and materials. Only the table base, display board and electrical connections shall be provided.

    Judging Criteria:

    The projects will be judged on the following grounds and from a total of 100 points:

    • - Creativity and innovation of technology involved: 20 points

    • - The problem solving capacity of the project: 10 points

    • - Feasibility and environment friendly: 10 points

    • - Cost effectiveness: 10 points

    • - Endurance in the market: 10 points

    • - Future innovation and survival: 10 points

    • - Presentation (verbal and poster/software) : 10 points

    • - Prototype: 20 points

    Steps to avoid plagiarism:

    The exhibition will be open for visitation and interaction for two groups of audiences:

    • - General audiences (students, professors, and general public)

    • - Judges and Mentors

    The participants can show the layman concept of their idea to the general public without revealing the technical and sensitive details.

    While the judges visit, the participants can share the technical details if needed during the interaction at their own will.

    How to register?

    To participate in Innovators’ Camp, the team needs to:

    • - Register for the event in the registration link

    • - Upload the two-page ‘Product Summary’ in the upload link by 17th March 2016.

    • - The product summary should contain the following:

      • - Name of the participants, with institutions’ details

      • - Contact information and e-mail

      • - Brief description about the product

      Judging Panel:

      and other invited guests


      Bata Krishna Giri- +91-9658785195